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Conversation For Porter / Bellboy

Conversation Menangani Kedatangan Tamu

Bellboy  : good morning sir. Welcome to Wilwatikta
Hotel. Main your step sir.
Guest : good morning. I would like to stay
in your hotel.
Bellboy : alright sir, do you bring some luggages sir?
Guest : of course.
Bellboy : alright sir. I will take your luggages.
Guest : thank you
Bellboy   : well sir this is you're your luggages,
the totally is 5 pcs, there are 3 suitcase, 1 briefcase
 and 1 vaity case. Is that right sir? Please check it first.
Guest : yes, you're right.
Bellboy : alright sir. Now please follow me
to reception desk
Guest : well. Thank you.
Bellboy : alright sir. This is our reception desk,
please make the registration first.
Guest : alright.

Receptionist : good morning sir. Welcome to
 Wilwatikta Hotel. May I help you?
Guest : yes. I would like to stay in your hotel.
Receptionist : Well, your room number is
Wilwatikta 2 The room rate is Rp 450.000.

You will stay in our hotel
on 12th of September 2014
for six nights until 19th of September 2014.
And please you bring your guest card
during you stay in our hotel.
Mr. john this is your breakfast coupon.
If you want to breakfast, please come
to Violetta Restaurant it's located
beside meeting room 2.
Open at 06.00 o'clock until 10.00 o'clock.
Don't forget to bring your breakfast coupon
and show it when you will to breakfast.

This is your room key Mr.john,
if you want to hang out
from our hotel, please keep your room key
at reception desk.If you lost the room key,
we will charge you Rp 100.000 for one key.
And if you have an e-mail or faximile,
please you keep in
reception desk and we will help you.
And the last information for check out time is
at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr.john.

Guest  : alright thank you

Receptionist : well sir, the registration is finish, 
now I will call our bellboy
 to escort you to your room.

(bellboy please)

Bellboy : yes I am.

Receptionist : please escort Mr. john Edward 
to his room.

Bellboy : yes I will.Excuse me sir.  
are you ready to go to your room now?.
Guest : yes, I am ready.
Bellboy : alright sir.
I borrow your guest card and your room key?
Guest : yes, here it is.
Bellboy : thank you Mr. john.
Now please follow me to your room.
Guest : well. thanks
Bellboy : alright Mr. john, please go ahead.
And how about your trip Mr. john, did you enjoy it?
Guest    : yes, I was very enjoy it,
because I can come to Mojokerto again.
Bellboy : ooh, Maybe this is not your first time come
to Mojokerto Mr. john?
Guest : Sure, this is my third time come to Mojokerto.
Bellboy : wow amazing. Well Mr. john please turn right.
Guest : oow alright.
Bellboy : well, Mr. john this is your room with
 garden view and the room number is Wilwatikta 2.
Guest : yes. Thank you very much.
Bellboy : (mengetuk pintu 3x sambil menyebutkan identitas)
Please enter the room Mr. john
Guest : well. Thank you
Bellboy : excuse me Mr. john May I explain the room
Guest : of course. Why not?
Bellboy : alright Mr. john.
I will start from bathroom first.
1. This is the toilet bowl, and before you use it you
can flushing it first like that.
2. And then this is the shower room,
you can take a shower here, there are 2 tap
the blue tap is cold water and the red tap is hot water.
3. Well this is the bath tub, you can enjoy your time
 for submerged, and the tap is same with shower room.
4. Next this is the washbasin,
in washbasin you can brush
your teeth and maybe wash your face.
In here we set up the soap, shampoo, conditioner,
body lotion, tooth brush shower cap
and sanitary bag for you.
5. And there are 2 bath towel,
2 hand towel, and 2 face towel.
If you need more towel you can
call the housekeepingdepartment dial number 5.
6. Next in bed room, this is your wardrobe,
we set up 10 hanger for you
if you need more hanger you can call
housekeeping department, and then
this is the laundry bag if you have the dirty cloth
you can put it in the laundry bag,
and if you would like to
laundry your cloth you can put it
in front of your room or
you can call laundry service.
And this is the laundry list
you can fill the laundry list, if you would like
to pressing your cloth please fill this one laundry list
and if you would like to laundry your cloth
please fill this one. And then if you end your laundry
 at 9 a.m t can finish this day
but if you send above 9 a.m it can finish tomorrow but
if you need this day you can make the express laundry
but it would be plus 50% not the initial price
7. And this is the safe deposit box. You can keep
your valuables here. For how to use you can read here.
8. And then this is the dressing table.
 Maybe your wife can make up in here.
9. Next this is the bed side table.
You can put something here.
And the standing lamp you can turn on it when you sleep
and this is the electric switch. In here this is the telephone
if you need something
you can call us with that dial and then
if you would like to make telephone with your friend
in your country yo can insert the code first and
then the telephone number.
10. And this is the air conditioner.
 If you feel so hot you can turn on it
 with press this button
 and then for turn off you can press this one.
 And then if you like cooler temperatures
 you can press this button,
but I you like hotter temperatures
you can press this button.
11. Next this is the TV, with 60 international channels.
And this button for turn on and turn off the TV.
12. and the next room is mini kitchen.
This is the water heater.
You can heat the water for make a cup off coffee or tea.
This is the coffee, creamer, tea and sugar.
13. Next the minibar. In minibar we serve some food
and beverage if you consume it
please fill the minibar list.
And you also can keep you foo and beverage here.
14. And then the wash basin. You can wash your food
  or anything here.
15. Next to living room there are some sofa,
you can enjoy your time with your family here.
16. And the last is balcony.
Maybe in the morning you can
it down here and enjoy the view with sun rise. Alright Mr. Jon that's all about the room facilities
Guest : alright. Thank you very much.
Bellboy : well Mr. john. Anything else?
Guest : no thanks
Bellboy : alright Mr. john.
This is your room key and your guest card.
And then this is your meal coupon.
If you want to breakfast please come to
Violetta restaurant.
It open t 6 o'clock until 10 o'clock.
Guest  : alright thank you very much for your service.
Bellboy : alright Mr.john thank you for staying
in our hotel.
I hope you can enjoy to stay in our hotel and
have a nice day.
Guest : alright thank you. Have a nice day too.

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