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Dialog Front Office for Receptionist

Recepsionist : Good morning, miss
Guest            : Good morning
Recepsionist : Well come to  wilwatikta hotel
       How may I assist you?
Recepcionist : I would like to log book  (a deluxe room, a standart room , superior room ) in this hotel
       : what date is it for use ?
Guest            : It is for 25 to 27 December 2017
Recepsionist : Wait a moment, please.  I will check our room availability
                       Thanks for waiting, congratulation  Miss, there is a deluxe room available for you
Guest            : Thank you
Receptionist : For how many person is that room ?
Guest            : Only for myself, /family/ group
Receptionist : may I borrow your ID card
Guest            : Yes please ..............
Receptionist : My I have your name Miss?
Guest            : My name is Sekar Ayu
Receptionist : Would you like to spell your name, please?
Guest            : Of course. S-E-K-A-R-A-Y-U
Receptionist : Well miss Ayu, may I have your address, please?
Guest            : Sukarno hatta street, no. 1  Jakarta
Receptionists: May I have your phone number please ?
Guest            : of course, 082140814222
Receptionist : Who will pay your reservation?
Guest            : I will pay it by my self
Receptionist : May I have your arrival detail?
Guest            : Please pick me up at the air port
Receptionist : Miss. Ayu may I have your flight number ?
Guest            : GA 707 at 17.00
Recepsionist : Miss Ayu, do you have special request ?
Guest            : Please over me the room with  garden view and one small tropical fruit basket
Recepsionist : Anything else Miss Ayu ?
Guest            : No thanks
Recepsionist : Excuse me Miss Ayu, may I repeat  your recervation 
                       This reservation is on behalf Miss Sekar Ayu. It’s  for  25 to 27 December 2017,
                       The room type is a deluxe room. And you will be picked up at the air port,
                       fligt number GA 707 at 17.00. Your special request are the room with garden view 
                       and one small tropical fruit basket, and the room rate US  40 ++/ R/N,
                       if You need more information I could at 082140814222
Guest            : Yes .....
Recepsionist : Thank you for your reservation             
                        We look forward to welcoming you on that time in our hotel
                        Good bye and have a nice day.
Guest     : Thanks


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